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FreshBrix provides a home intelligence platform to connect builders with homebuyers before, during, and after their new home is built.


 Before The Build

Use FreshBrix as a sales tool to browse model home photos and options with prospective buyers.

  • Share guided virtual tours on a mobile device to prospects during a sales visit.

  • Access photos of previously built homes to show real home variations and contents (not artist renderings).

  • Demonstrate your investment in improving the home buying experience by leveraging innovative mobile technology.

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 During The Build

Use FreshBrix to communicate progress to homebuyers during construction.

  • Real-time updates to keep homebuyers informed during the construction process.

  • Supervisors and salespeople can send pictures, updates, and reminders directly to the homebuyer from their mobile devices.

  • Easily communicate with your customers and give them the ability to share progress with friends and family.

  • Eliminate the need for extra portal logins or lengthy, disorganized email threads.

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During The Build Construction

 After The Build

Use FreshBrix to eliminate the “Three-Ring Binder”.

  • Deliver a personalized database of home contents using FreshBrix’s extensive home-product library and Digital Home Record (DHR)™.

  • Provide home contents at the SKU level including photos, specifications, owner’s manuals, and product warranty details, eliminate your need to maintain product documents.

  • The FreshBrix DHR™ can track product specifics like serial number, repair history, product maintenance reminders, date of purchase, where purchased, and more!

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Use Freshbrix to manage warranty service.

  • FreshBrix has taken the hassle out of warranty service, by providing new homebuyers with the capability to document and submit warranty service requests directly from their mobile device.

  • FreshBrix provides Builders and Subcontractors(by invitation only) with an easy to use web interface to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, eliminating time wasted on unnecessary site visits.

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forthelifeofthehome For the Life of the Home

Homeowners can use Freshbrix for as long as they own their home.

  • Homeowners can maintain service history of all home products.

  • Register for product warranties at the tap of a button.

  • Add new products and gain access to user manuals for DIY troubleshooting and repairs.

  • Coming Soon – Purchase home products and services directly through the application.

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FreshBrix AnalyticsAnalytics, the builders secret weapon

What information can FreshBrix provide to help run your business better?

  • Analyze ALL information across communities, models, and geography.

  • Leverage the data collected to make informed business decisions about your products and customers.

  • FreshBrix can answer hundreds of questions about products in the home, warranty services, option preferences, and more…

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The FreshBrix home intelligence platform provides an integrated mobile and web experience to connect you with your homebuyers before, during, and after their new home is built.

This innovative solution delivers a robust set of web and mobile capabilities, including new ways to communicate, engage and drive customer satisfaction while reducing cost associated with warranty service.